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Dear Teachers
Thank you for your kind support. Let’s help each other get through this challenging time.  If there is sufficient demand for this service, I will record a next video on CHEMICAL CHANGE.  I will gladly receive any requests or comments. Please let me know (email below) how I can be of assistance to you.
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An engaging but very educational science presentation on the three States of Matter and how change happens in a physical way when heat is added or removed.  The focus is on the teaching of abstract concepts in engaging ways.  The basic concepts are discussed and then explored with entertaining and thought-provoking demonstrations. This and similar lecture-demonstrations have been performed numerous times at schools in Australia by Carl Ahlers (MSc, BEd, DipEd).

  • Concepts: Change of state (phase changes), matter, solids, liquids, gases, melting, evaporation, condensation, solidification, physical change, mixtures, gels, solutions
  • Audience:  Year 5 to 8 (but younger students enjoy the demonstrations too)
    Supports the Australian Curriculum key concepts on Chemical Sciences for Year 5 to 8
  • Duration: 33 minutes
  • Worksheets are provided in Word format so teachers can edit the sheets to their liking
  • Teachers simply forward the video link & worksheet to their students.  Students can watch the video in their own time, using the link.  No ads, no distractions on their screens.

Watch the 45 second video trailer


  • Light a match with steam
  • Find out why true gases are invisible
  • What are gels, mists and clouds made of?
  • See how condensation can implode a can
  • Use gas to push an inflated balloon into a bottle
  • The use of evaporation to generate electricity and many more . . .

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Video, Worksheets &
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+ Unlimited viewing for 1 school
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