Shows Pricing

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Our standard Science Show fee for a 1-hour session is $480 plus GST  (schools are refunded the GST by the ATO). This is for a session of up to 100 students attending.   Our minimum fee per visit is $960 plus GST.  This can be made-up of

*  two identical 1-hour sessions or

*  two non-identical 1-hour sessions (maybe two different Year groups) or

*  one show for the whole cohort plus 2 or 3  workshops (this is only applicable to smaller schools, <70 students)

Traveling Fee  We travel from Melbourne’s west.  If we travel more than 50 km to your school (one way), we will charge a travelling/toll fee of $50 plus GST per visit.   If you are outside the greater Melbourne area then additional travelling fees may apply.  Please send us an email to inquire.

Please note

  • We only have one presenter, Carl Ahlers, aka Prof Bunsen.  No other substitutes!
  • There is no deposit payable, but a cancellation fee applies to all confirmed bookings cancelled less than 3 weeks to the date.  This is calculated as 40% of the total fee.
  • A National Science Week surcharge of 12% applies to all sessions booked from 6 August to 24 August 2018

Payment No deposit is required before our visit.  We will email an invoice after our visit for payment within three weeks.  If you require a school purchase order number on the invoice, please forward that to us.

You can complete the booking inquiry form here.