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Shows: Frequently asked questions

Where do you present the Shows?

At your school in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, Melbourne Metro, Mornington Peninsula, Golden Plains Shire, Ballarat.  Other destinations and interstate on request

Which year levels?

Foundation to Year 11

What are the fees and which topics do you have?

The fees are listed at the bottom of this web page.  For show topics, please visit here.

How many students per session?​

Usually up to 100.  This will depend on the venue but smaller is definitely better as students are closer to the action and we will have a better interaction.   We reserve the right to limit the number of students for safety reasons.  For Science Nights and special events the attendee number can be higher.

Is there a minimum booking fee?​

Yes. The minimum fee per visit is the cost equivalent of two sessions (2 x $540 plus GST).  If you are from a small school (less than 70 students in the cohort), please find another Year group to take up the second session.  There may be a small fee depending on the selection of their topic.  Please discuss this with your colleagues.  See our pricing below.

What are the fees and what Learning Outcomes do you cover?

The fees are listed at the bottom of this web page.  For show topics, please visit here.

Who does the presentation?​

All Shows are presented by Carl Ahlers, scientist, educator & science communicator holding an MSc in Chemistry and Bachelors in Education. He frequently delivers talks at Labtech and Science Teacher Conferences and has welcomed over 1.2 million at his presentations over the last 26 years.  More information on Carl’s work here.

How safe is the show?​

Safety is of great importance. We have extensive experience in bringing these School Shows to more than 1.2 million students in 26 years, without any incident.  Nevertheless, we carry full Public Liability Insurance to a total of $30 million.  A certificate of currency can be provided. Carl has a current “Working with Children Police Check”.
  We can provide the school with a Risk Assessment or Job Safety Analysis.  We have a Covid-19 Safe Plan.  Please email us to enquire.

Insurance, Working with Children Check​?

We can provide you with a copy of our
–  Covid-19 Safe Plan
–  Working with Children Check (WWCC)
–  Certificate of Currency (Public liability insurance to $30 million)
–  Risk Assessment for the sessions. 
Please request by email

I have a different topic. Can you help?​

We specialise in Chemistry & Physics but can customise an engaging interactive presentation with appropriate content.  We have successfully delivered sessions on “Scientific Discoveries”,  “Change”,  “Innovation”, “Product development” and others. Please let us know what you have in mind.

How about the Curriculum and Learning Areas?​

Our content aligns & compliments the Australian Curriculum.  If you have a special focus, please let us know so we can plan for the visit, so you get the best outcome.

What arrangements are required on the day?​
  • A demonstration area in a multipurpose room/hall/ classroom/lab at ground level or accessible by lift
  • Carpeted floor/floor area where students can be seated so all have a good view
  • Three rectangular trestle tables set up in advance in the room
  • Close proximity to a tap and basin (eg. canteen within short walking distance)
  • The use of a rubbish bin
  • Access to an electrical power point
  • Access to the venue 45 minutes before and 30 minutes afterwards
  • Around 15 minutes in between shows for adjusting equipment & chemicals
  • Parking on street, close to the venue
How to make a booking?​

Please complete the enquiry form.

Follow-up info & items for your students

Our Science in a Box, is a box packed with 6 chemical science toys that will engage and teach while the students are having fun.  The content focuses on students 6 to 12 years old and is offered at a price so each one can have his own box.  (We also have the individual toys available in packs of 12).

Students take their boxes home as it has full instructions and scientific-play ideas so the learning can be extended.  All drafted by Prof Bunsen Science.



Our fees are based on sessions and not on the number of students. 

1.  Show fee
Our standard Science Show fee for a 1-hour session is $540 plus GST  (schools are refunded the GST by the ATO).  This is for a session of between 20 and 100 students, so costing starts at $5.40 / student depending on your numbers. [If you are planning to have more than 100 in a session, this may be feasible depending on your venue and the added cost will be $3 per student exceeding 100). 

2. Our minimum fee per visit is 2 x $540 = $1080 plus GST.  This can be made-up of
*  two identical 1-hour show sessions with half of your student cohort at a session, or
*  two 1-hour show sessions (two different Year groups, two different topics may be possible but a small additional fee may be applicable) or
*  two 1-hour show sessions covering two topics with all of your students present at both sessions.  Maximum of 100 students. 

3.  Traveling Fee  
We travel out of Geelong.  A travel fee applies if we travel more than 80km (one way) on a day to cover time and expenses.  Thanks for your understanding and support!    Some indications: Werribee $40;  Western Melbourne $60;  Central Melbourne $80;  South Eastern Melbourne $100     Please send us an email to inquire.

4. Cancellation Fee
A cancellation fee applies to all confirmed bookings cancelled less than 3 weeks to the date.  This is calculated at 40% of the total fee. This is not applicable if the cancellation is due to Covid-19 regulations.

Please note
–  We only have one presenter, Carl Ahlers, aka Prof Bunsen.  No other substitutes!  Please book early. 
–  A National Science Week surcharge (+10%) applies to all sessions booked in this very popular window of 11 to 23 August 2022

No deposit is required before our visit.  We will email an invoice after our visit for payment within three weeks.  If you require a school purchase order number on the invoice, please forward that to us.

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