The Light Modulator

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  • Transmit sound from your phone on a light beam
  • Make light audible, speak on a sunbeam, produce a laser show
  • Demonstrate cutting-edge fibre optics communication, molecular kinetic theory & persistence of vision
  • Teach serious physics: Amplitude modulation,  AC vs DC, the Inverse square law

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Available: 10 May 2018

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This may just be the most engaging science demonstration ever to hit science classrooms

How it is done with The Light Modulator kit in three easy steps:

  1. Plug the torch into your mobile phone
  2. Activate the solar panel connected to a pre-amp and speaker
  3. Play a song on the phone and the sound will ride the light beam to the solar panel. How cool is that?

The phenomenon is known as Amplitude Modulation (AM), the same as the AM on your radio! You now have the ability to transmit sound (information) on a carrier (light) beam!

We have fine-tuned and re-designed this technology and this is it, the easy-to-do kit for all science teachers and science demonstrators.  All you need is your mobile phone and you’re ready to amaze . . .

But there is much more to it . . . you can perform 10 mind-boggling demonstrations in your classroom!
Grade 3 to 12.  Perfect engagement!

10 Demos to do in your classroom/home

  1. Create a DIY laser show (laser not included)
  2. Teach kids the principles of phase change where molecules gain kinetic energy
  3. Transmit sound on a light beam
  4. Make them listen to the difference between AC and DC
  5. Hear the invisible switching of light-producing devices in the room
  6. Speak on a sunbeam
  7. Show that higher energy input levels cause a volume increase 
  8. Demonstrate the Inverse square light law, with sound
  9. Show persistence of vision (the reason why we love movies and TV)
  10. Demonstrate the working of modern fibre optic communication systems using light modulation (NBN system in Australia)
    Requires cheap optic fibre 


What is in the kit?

  • A flashlight transmitter
  • A solar panel receiver with amplifier & speaker
  • USB cable to charge the speaker
  • Bulb-shaped flickering LED light
  • Flickering RGB ball
  • Sugar beads, mirror and clear jar
  • Instruction sheets (see below)

Required (not included):  2 x AA batteries; 3 x AAA batteries;  sound sources such as a mobile phone or MP3 player

Testimonial 1

Thanks for the chance to try out the new light modulator kit. It’s most impressive! It created some of the best WOW moments I have had in my Physics classroom for a long time. In the past I have used electronics boards, a photodiode and a phototransistor to teach modulation but this was always limited to the reliability of the connections. The ease with which this kit is able to be set-up and operated is fantastic. This is an excellent kit, and the demos are all worth showing.

Chris WardSnr Physics Teacher Ivanhoe Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia


How is this phenomenon possible?

The amplitude of the light wave is modulated (“mirrored”) to the amplitude of the sound signal.  As in radio waves, but here we use visible light as the carrier.

Click on the image below to read our instructions & see the classroom demos:












Here is a great explanation of Modulation by dr Jan Noordhof



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