Solar Energy Kit

$13.00 inclusive of GST & postage

A fun educational solar kit with full instructions & worksheets at Primary School level (Year 4+).  Drafted in Australia by Prof Bunsen Science.

Instructions will assist students to engage in the following projects:

  1. Build a solar car
  2. Build a solar boat
  3. Make a wiggling solar bot
  4. Create a wiggle bot artist
  5. Create a reverse rainbow spinner

Each kit is supplied in a zip lock bag.

Kit Components: 

  • Small solar panel
  • Electric motor with wires
  • Solar car kit complete with chassis, screws, brackets, axles and wheels
  • Propeller/fan
  • Bamboo paper boat hull
  • Plastic cup
  • Magnetised screwdriver
  • Worksheets as a download in Word format (editable) after purchase

Items required (not included, most are optional):
Sticky tape, Blu Tack, toothpicks, texters,  sheet of paper, craft stick

Age:  Year 4 +

Minimum order: 6  kits       FREE shipping to anywhere in Australia

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Here's the instruction video to build the Solar Car in the kit:


Full instructions (7 pages) available as a download in Word format after purchase (sample page below)

All material Copyright, 2019 EduScience Pty Ltd

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