Science-in-a-Box: Seven Chemical Toys

$15.00 incl GST & delivery

Science-in-a-Box contains seven teacher selected chemical toys that will boost your students’ interest in science & support your classroom activities.  Use out of the box (no preparations needed) with our written instructions & home extension ideas.

Students can take their boxes home as it has full instructions and scientific-play ideas so the learning can be extended.
Perfect as a classroom incentive, on open days, homeschoolers, at holiday programs, libraries, fundraisers . . .
All drafted by Prof Bunsen Science

It is fun, safe, engaging & best value for money
Age:  5 to 12 years

Minimum order: 12  (packs of 12)   FREE delivery

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Phase changes
Chemical changes
Properties of Matter
Solids, Liquids & Gases
Physical & Chemical change
Reversible / Irreversible change
Evaporation, Condensation, Crystallisation
Hydrogen bonding & polymerisation
Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic
Light spectrum & UV light
Nano chemistry
Capillary action
Carbon dioxide
Heat Effects


Seven toys with seven instruction & information sheets


There are many ways to use the content in a classroom or holiday program – here are two that make economical sense:

  • Two students share a box, each selecting three toys and the shared crystal tree is ‘grown’ in class
  • Do a lab fundraiser.  Sell the boxes to your students at the great price $20. A win-win situation!  You improve your lab and the kids get 7 educational toys!
  • The $15/box price includes delivery & GST. It is based on a 12 box order
  • Each box has 7 toys and 7 information sheets
  • We only supply 12 box packs.  No individual boxes unfortunately, but you may order individual toys (supplied in packs of 12)
  • Contact us for bulk discounts or fundraiser options (6+ packs of 12 boxes)

The Toys & Instruction Sheets

Chem Toy 1
Crystal Tree

Included: paper tree, base plate, solution in bag
(growth can be recycled)

A6 Crystal Tree (2)
A6 Crystal Tree (3)

Chem Toy 2 Hydrophobic Sand

Included: 50g sand & spoon
(sand can be re-used)

_A6 Hydrophobic Sand
_A6 Hydrophobic Sand (1)

Chem Toy 3
Heat Reactive Putty

Included: 25g putty of one colour

A6 Heat Reactive Putty
A6 Heat Reactive Putty (1)

Chem Toy 4 Disappearing Ink

Included: 30mL ink


These soaps work well in reversing the reaction.  The Supreme brand is sold at The Reject Shop

A6 Disappearing Ink (3)
A6 Disappearing Ink (2)

Chem Toy 5
Expanding Creature

Included: Lizard or Croc
(can be recycled)

A6 Expanding Creature
A6 Expanding Creature (1)

Chem Toy 6
UV Reactive Putty

Included: 25g putty of one colour + UV light

A6 UV Reactive Putty
A6 UV Reactive Putty (1)

Chem Toy 7
Polymer Bouncing Balls

Included: PVA crystals & mould to prepare 2 balls

A6 DIY Bouncing Balls
A6 DIY Bouncing Balls (1)

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