Science-in-a-Box: Seven Chemical Toys

$16.00 incl GST & delivery

Science-in-a-Box contains seven teacher selected chemical toys that will boost your students’ interest in science & support your classroom activities.  Use out of the box (no preparations needed) with our written instructions & home extension ideas.

Students can take their boxes home as it has full instructions and scientific-play ideas so the learning can be extended.
Perfect as a classroom incentive, on open days, homeschoolers, at holiday programs, libraries, fundraisers . . .
All drafted by Prof Bunsen Science

It is fun, safe, engaging & best value for money
Age:  5 to 12 years

Minimum order: 12  (packs of 12)   FREE delivery

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Phase changes
Chemical changes
Properties of Matter
Solids, Liquids & Gases
Physical & Chemical change
Reversible / Irreversible change
Evaporation, Condensation, Crystallisation
Hydrogen bonding & polymerisation
Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic
Light spectrum & UV light
Nano chemistry
Capillary action
Carbon dioxide
Heat Effects


Seven toys with seven instruction & information sheets


There are many ways to use the content in a classroom or holiday program – here are two that make economical sense:

  • Two students share a box, each selecting three toys and the shared crystal tree is ‘grown’ in class
  • Do a lab fundraiser.  Sell the boxes to your students at the great price $20. A win-win situation!  You improve your lab and the kids get 7 educational toys!
  • The $16/box price includes delivery & GST.
  • Each box has 7 toys and 7 information sheets
  • We only supply 12 and 24 box packs.  No individual boxes, but you may order individual toys (supplied in packs of 12)
  • Contact us for bulk discounts or fundraiser options (6+ packs of 12 boxes)

The Toys & Instruction Sheets

Chem Toy 1
Crystal Tree

Included: paper tree, base plate, solution in bag
(growth can be recycled)

A6 Crystal Tree (2)
A6 Crystal Tree (3)

Chem Toy 2 Hydrophobic Sand

Included: 50g sand & spoon
(sand can be re-used)

_A6 Hydrophobic Sand
_A6 Hydrophobic Sand (1)

Chem Toy 3
Heat Reactive Putty

Included: 25g putty of one colour

A6 Heat Reactive Putty
A6 Heat Reactive Putty (1)

Chem Toy 4 Disappearing Ink

Included: 30mL ink


These soaps work well in reversing the reaction.  The Supreme brand is sold at The Reject Shop.

See the video here.

A6 Disappearing Ink (3)
A6 Disappearing Ink (2)

Chem Toy 5
Expanding Creature

Included: Lizard or Croc
(can be recycled)

A6 Expanding Creature
A6 Expanding Creature (1)

Chem Toy 6
UV Reactive Putty

Included: 25g putty of one colour + UV light

A6 UV Reactive Putty
A6 UV Reactive Putty (1)

Chem Toy 7
Polymer Bouncing Balls

Included: PVA crystals & mould to prepare 2 balls

A6 DIY Bouncing Balls
A6 DIY Bouncing Balls (1)

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Pack of 24 boxes, Pack of 12 boxes

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