Battery Kit

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An experimental battery kit with wires and LCD clock to produce three different types of batteries using fruit, potatoes and salt.  Full instructions & worksheets at Primary School level (Year 4+).  Drafted in Australia by Prof Bunsen Science.

The instructions describe the following battery projects:

  1. A potato battery
  2. A lemon battery
  3. A salty battery

Each kit is supplied in a zip lock bag.

Kit Components:

  • LCD clock with wires
  • Wire leads with alligator clips (4)
  • Galvanised nails (3)
  • Worksheets as a download in Word format (editable) after purchase

Items required (not included):
Three pieces of potatoes, lemons, bronze coins such as AUD$1 coins, table salt, disposable cups

Age:  Year 4+

Minimum order: 6  kits        FREE shipping to anywhere in Australia

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Any fruit or vegetable can be used as long as it contains salty or acidic juices that can act as an electrolyte.  In the case of mandarins and oranges, you need to poke the internal segments so the juices are in contact.  We use Australian $1 or $2 coins as it contains 92% copper.  At the Zinc electrode we use galvanised nails as these are zinc-plated. 

Battery KitA Web
Battery KitB Web

Kit Video


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