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UV Reactive Putty

$2.70 inclusive of GST

A bouncy putty that shows its true colour in the sun or under UV light!  The putty contains leuco dyes that vividly change colour when exposed to UV.
A fun reversible change that even Einstein could have used to demonstrate his science.

Age:  5 to 12 years
Included:  25g putty of one colour + UV light source in metal tin

No Instruction sheet is included.  Please use the Instruction sheet below, if required.

Out of stock

Solar Car Kit

$7.00 inclusive of GST

A fun educational solar car kit.  Easily constructed using the solar panel, chassis, screws, brackets, axles and wheels.  See the instruction video below.

Basic hand skills are required, so it is not recommended for children younger than 9 years.

Each kit is supplied in a zip lock bag.

Kit Components:

  • Small solar panel
  • Electric motor with wires
  • Solar car kit complete with chassis, screws, brackets, axles and wheels
  • Magnetised screwdriver

Age:  9 year+

Out of stock

The Light Modulator

$72.50 inclusive of GST
  • Transmit sound from your phone on a light beam
  • Make light audible, speak on a sunbeam, and produce a laser show
  • Demonstrate cutting-edge fibre optics communication, molecular kinetic theory & persistence of vision
  • Teach serious physics: Amplitude modulation,  AC vs DC, and the Inverse-square law

North American Orders: Please order from Educational Innovations