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Hydrophobic Sand

$1.25 inclusive of GST

The never-get-wet sand!  Scoop into water and observe the peculiar properties due to the nanoscale hydroxysilane molecules.  The sand can be used over and over.

Age:  5 to 12 years
Included: 50g sand (one colour) & 1 instruction sheet

Crystal Tree

$1.25 inclusive of GST

A great kit to demonstrate phase changes. Stand the porous paper tree in the solution and see how capillary action & evaporation turn the tree into a fully blossomed tree in 3 hours. Then do the same inside a sealed container.
The crystals can be collected and recycled in water to make the tree blossom again.

Age:  5 to 12 years
Included: paper tree, base plate, solution in satchel & 1 instruction sheet

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Expanding Creature

$2.00 inclusive of GST

Drop the polymer creature in a bowl of water and watch it expand over the next 5 days.  Students can record and graph the changes. The mass can increase to more than 10 times the original mass! Then remove it from the water and observe the reversible process.  Another exciting osmotic process in action.

Age:  5 to 12 years
Included: 1 creature (croc or lizard), 1 instruction sheet

UV Reactive Putty

$2.70 inclusive of GST

A bouncy putty that shows its true colour in the sun or under UV light!  The putty contains leuco dyes that vividly change colour when exposed to UV.
A fun reversible change that even Einstein could have used to demonstrate his science.

Age:  5 to 12 years
Included:  25g putty of one colour + UV light source in metal tin

No Instruction sheet is included.  Please use the Instruction sheet below, if required.

Battery Kit

$5.00 inclusive of GST

An experimental battery kit with wires and LCD clock to produce three different types of batteries using fruit, potatoes and salt.  Full instructions & worksheets at Primary School level (Grade 4+).  Drafted in Australia by Prof Bunsen Science.

The instructions describe the following battery projects:

  1. A potato battery
  2. A lemon battery
  3. A salty battery

Each kit is supplied in a zip lock bag.

Kit Components:

  • LCD clock with wires
  • Wire leads with alligator clips (4)
  • Galvanised nails (3)
  • Worksheets as a download in Word format (editable) after purchase

Items required (not included):
Three pieces of potatoes, lemons, bronze coins such as $1 coins, table salt, disposable cups

Age:  9 years +