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The teaching of abstract concepts in engaging ways

Thanks for visiting this page.  Carl here.  I am a passionate science educator, author, entrepreneur and the founding director of EduScience P/L trading as Prof Bunsen Science in Australia.  I love tinkering with science equipment and am passionate about my work, having presented thousands of science activities, shows, presentations, PD sessions and conference lectures over the years. 

I was born & raised in South Africa and fell in love with chemistry at an early age while experimenting in the backyard with my siblings (. . . . those chemistry sets contained decent chemicals!)  I studied Chemistry @ the University of Pretoria and hold an MSc in Physical Chemistry, a BEd in Education Management and a PostGrad Diploma in Education.  Over the years I worked in a number of labs as a chemist, lectured chemistry and taught physical sciences at high school, but am still pursuing my first love: The teaching of abstract concepts in engaging ways. 

My numerous teaching experiences with children from Soweto to Melbourne and beyond are still fuelling me to enthuse, inspire and innovate! 

In 2002 I was part of a road show to schools in Africa with Africa’s first astronaut and IT entrepreneur, Mark Shuttleworth. On that trip, I demonstrated science from the back of a truck while Mark inspired the audience with his space experiences.

Both our OneCar STEM pack and The Light Modulator are products I developed (with help from others) and I am sure these will produce some memorable experiences for many students.

Lastly, I am a great admirer of Robert Bunsen who, by the way, did not invent the bunsen burner, but perfected it, while pursuing research in spectroscopy.

Wishing all educators many happy hours of teaching!
Carl Ahlers

“We never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born”   Albert Einstein