Connecting classroom science with the real world

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” – Albert Einstein

 amazing hand shapes when the air is evacuated
Year: 4 to 12

ONECAR STEM supplies  for great labs on energy, engineering, product design and problem solving
Year: 6 to 10
SCIENCE-IN-A-BOX box packed with fun, chemistry related toys that will engage and teach. Also available as single toys
Year: 1 to 8

A solar panel, torch and amplifier deliver a jaw-dropping experience in the physics classroom
Year: 4 to 12

Available in Victoria, Australia
and interstate on request
Year: K to 12

Fascinating science talks & demonstrations at your school . . .  

  •    up to 100 students per session 
  •    60-minute sessions
  •    enrich your physical science curriculum
  •    save on travelling & excursion costs
  •    family science nights & homeschooling sessions

From only $5.30 per student!